Banksy banana mastermind?

Banksy banana mastermind?
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Bits Blog

I have been following Bits Blog - a NYTimes business technology blog for at least three or four years.

The blog, which is often featured on the technology section of the NYTimes website covers a wide range of topics (all technology-related) in a variety of writing styles. Some posts are full-fledged articles that could be reprinted in the print edition without a single change, while other posts offer brief commentary on the happenings around the Internet or the greater technology ecosystem.

The blog's writing seems to fit somewhere between the NYTimes technology articles and Scuttlebot, another technology blog that strictly posts NYTimes staff annotated news stories from other media resources.

Why does the NYTimes have Bits blog? Many articles so closely follow the standard newspaper style - what's the point of posting them to this blog instead of directly to the greater technology section? Perhaps NYTimes editors are using blogs as a way to subdivide their standard newspaper sections? Maybe a way to make niche readers more interested in the site?

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